Value Acceleration – A Customer Lifecycle Approach

On this podcast with Tom Pisello, we discuss:

  • Why value is so critical in more challenging times like today
  • The rise of the CFno
  • 71% of buyers have formal decision committee
  • More focus on customer value throughout the customer journey
    • Today’s move to service models to inspire buyers from first contact
    • What is the value at each stage of buyer journey starting with value driven discovery
  • Customer Everboarding Experience
    • Consumer BtoC try before you buy has made its way into BtoB
    • Limited land deal to prove value and understand vendor experience
    • Expand deal is typically the profitable business, before that deal is a loss
    • Need for realized value, identify KPIs and gaps, then use other customer value example
  • Value Realization and Expansion
    • As part of using a product, capture NPS and experience along the way