Twin Cities Sales Enablement Society 2020 Topics

 January 23  Planning for Organization Alignment and Sales Success in 2020, People, Process, Content and Technology
 February 20  Enabling the Success of all Customer-Facing Roles
March Organization Alignment to Impact Sellers and Buyers Daily
April Lobby Learning: Continuous Enablement that Sales Wants
May Staff On-boarding Never Ends… Moving to Ever-boarding
June Sales Process and Skills that Matter to Buyers
July How Subject Matter Experts Improve the Buyer Experience
August Sales Enablement Outside Sales and Buyer Interactions Outside Sales and Buyer Interactions


TC Chapter Meeting Format
  • Identify topics and place in a logical order so that topics build off each other
  • Host each month starting in January 2020
  • Typical Agenda outline
    • Start at 4PM: 15 minutes for networking
    • 20 minutes presentation (can go longer)
    • 40 minutes of moderated discussion
    • 5:15: More networking

We encourage people to get as involved as they want as soon as they want. Check out a list of our upcoming topics and let us know if any are of particular interest. We’d love to have you present or serve as a panel participant!

Topic Details
January 23

Planning for Sales Success in 2020, People, Process, Content, Technology

February 20

Beyond Enablement for Direct Sales Reps to Partners and other Customer Facing Roles - Multi-purposing Sales Enablement Process, Content and Tools for different audiences with different needs, including:

  • Direct Sales
  • Channel Partner Sales
  • Service and Support
  • Buyers
  • April: Lobby Learning: Continuous Enablement that Sales Wants



Organization Alignment and Transformation - Sales Enablement as the doorway to the sales, partners and customers. Working toward an environment where departments recognize the benefits of working with the sales enablement team before bringing change, content or new solutions to the sales team.


  • Managing cross-functional teams to develop, deliver and adopt enablement with departments that include PM, Marketing Sales, Presales, Services and Partners
  • Reducing organizational drag
  • Sales transformation and cultural change



Lobby Learning: Continuous Enablement that Sales Wants

Sales are highly motivated to learn and leverage enablement when engaging a quality opportunity

  • On-boarding new staff, partners and customers. Extending to ever-boarding
  • Moving away from traditional training and content delivery to a continuous learning approach
  • Formal vs informal training, coaching
  • Snackable/Micro-Learning/ever-boarding/learning in the lobby
  • Sales Play Simulations
  • Formal vs. informal training strategies/investment
  • Playbooks and mobile



May: Staff Onboarding Never Ends… Moving to Everboarding


Sales Process and Skills– How can sales enablement support shorter sales cycles and reduce wasted effort.

  • Aligning sales and buyers - improving conversations between customer-facing roles and buyers
  • Mutual Action Plans between sellers and buyers
  • Concept of mutual investment
  • Improving buyer experience
  • Determine if a deal is "winnable" faster? How do we encourage sales to “fail faster” and reduce resources spent on long-shot opportunities
  • Top 12 skills, moving from sales to sales advisors



Subject Matter Experts Impact on sales and buyer process

  • Effectively leveraging SMEs/Solution Specialists in the sales process
  • Going beyond the sales process, what are the top sales skills needed
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • To sales reps
    • Creating institutional knowledge and leveragable tools



Sales Enablement outside of the sales process– participating in:

  • Business planning
  • Territory planning
  • Go to market strategies
  • New product launches