What is Sales Enablement

Simple Definition: Sales enablement drives predictable, high-value sales results through strategic content, tools and training to enable sales professionals to add value in every customer interaction.

There are many definitions of Sales Enablement. My take, each company should find one they like to start and quickly refine it to meet your organization's need to enable sales success. Do it with a cross-functional team and base it on your organization's plan to grow revenue this year! Take no more than a couple hours and include 2-4 Sales Enablement use cases like sales onboarding to convey what Sales Enablement functions will actually do, such as the following example.

In memory of a great friend, Jim Ninivaggi, I'd like to reference a blog he wrote back in 2013. Jim's passion for Sales Enablement was always contagious and on target! Craig Nelson


What Exactly Does Sales Enablement Do?

When we ask companies what their sales enablement functions do, the top four responses are – provide guidelines for using sales assets (78 percent of respondents reported this as one of enablement’s responsibilities), share enablement best practices (73 percent), build sales assets (71 percent) and develop product training (68 percent) – reflecting the function’s legacy of supporting product marketing. But more than 50 percent report that the function contributes to various sales effectiveness areas (delivering sales effectiveness training, selecting and deploying sales technology, managing sales communication). This indicates that the function’s role is broadening from providing sales assets to ensuring that reps are competent in using those assets. Based on client feedback, we also see new rep onboarding as a key responsibility of enablement.