Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson

Craig specializes in enabling companies to more effectively market and sell. His experience is based on a variety of leadership roles including the growth of several start-ups that became successful public software companies. In 1998, Nelson's passion for enabling marketing and sales led him to register and subsequently co-found iCentera in 2003. Today, the iCentera sales enablement platform service is delivered over the internet to over 350,000 subscribers and in 2011, iCentera became part of CallidusCloud.

Companies have come to understand that content is king, and they’ve spent a lot of money worshipping at content’s altar. In 2014, according to Advertising Age, three-quarters of marketers said they planned to increase spending on content, while only 1.3 percent said they’d be reducing their spend. Marketing Profs’ own study of B2B marketers pegged the number planning to spend more at 60 percent. According to Gleanster, American business alone spends $5.2 billion a year on content creation.

However, without readership, you’d might as well flush that cash down the toilet. According to Sirius Decisions, 60 to 70 percent of all content sits unused, and the real numbers can be even higher. In one example cited on Sirius Decisions’ blog CDW shared that a recent project to consolidate three sales portals into one revealed that 93 percent of all content produced or stored in the portals went unused.

That’s a horrible number, but CDW has something going for it that most companies do not: it knows the scope and nature of its problem. It also has a good idea of which content is actually being used. Do you have that?

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Sales is in panic! They need content now or deals will die – but they can’t get it. Marketing rushes to generate what sales needs, but by the time they do sales is working different deals with different content needs. It’s a state of perpetual hysteria – and it prevents sales and marketing from working strategically to solve the problem.

4 Ways to stay relevant webinarModerator: Craig Nelson; Panelists: Michael Cannon, Jim Burns

Is your sales organization prepared to sell to the 2015 empowered buyer? To grow revenue you must go beyond the re-org of sales staff and territories. As we come into the new year it's imperative that you put in place a holistic system to enable success or risk the chance of your sales staff becoming irrelevant to your buyer.

This session is a round table discussion following topics related to the 4 elements of sales enablement:

• People: sales skills needed to sell to smarter buyers
• Process: defining and aligning sales methodologies to the buyers journey 
• Content: messaging and assets needed to advance the buyer through their journey 
• Technology: automation to educate as sellers sell and buyers self educate

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Getting the Most of SE Webinar

Moderator: Craig Nelson; Panelists: Thierry van Herwijnen, Tamara Schenk

If you are like many, moving from random acts of sales enablement to a more "systemized" approach to enable sales success is new to your organization. This panel covers what to anticipate and how to overcome obstacles that cause sales enablement initiatives to either fail or simply fall short of expectations. 

These experts will share lessons learned on topics such as:

• The 4 key elements of sales enablement
• Sales enablement maturity assessment
• How to create a "rolling thunder" of support that makes sales enablement get pulled throughout the organization
• How technology is enabling the real-time delivery of sales enablement resources before, during and after the sales interaction

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 Sales Enablement on LinkedInCraig Nelson

LinkedIn Editor’s Note: In the month of May, sales experts will share what they wish they’d known when they were just starting out in the working world. We’ll share with you everything from what works to what doesn’t, as well as advice for you and your sales team to become more effective sales professionals. Craig Nelson, pioneer in the discipline of sales enablement shares his story on what I wish I knew if I again were 22…

Game-Changing Sales EnablementI'm excited to part of the this Sales Enablement webinar with the other sales enablement industry experts that have learned the old fashion way, by doing it. The panelists each have their perspective which is critical and bring a passion for their customer's sales success. Experience has proven that having a "systemized" approach to enabling sales success powers revenue growth and is no longer an option when selling to today's empowered buyer.

Valuable sales conversations that provide perspectives for prospects and clients have never been more important. Today’s complex challenges require new and innovative ways to engage buyers across all stages of their journey. Join a panel of sales enablement experts to learn how to develop a systematic program that enables your sales professionals to have valuable conversations that set them apart from competitors.

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“Sales Enablement – Game Changing Conversations that Drive Revenue”

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