We recently had the pleasure of talking sales enablement with the Sales Enablement Lab and Thierry v. Herwijnen.

Tom Pisello, Alinean's CEO / Founder was interviewed about the recent proclamations on the Death of the B2B Sales Rep, and what his thoughts were on the future of B2B selling and sales enablement.

The original recording can be accessed at: http://www.thierryvanherwijnen.com/s1e9/

There has been some controversial research from several top analysts on the Death of the B2B Sales Rep. Can you tell us about some of these latest findings?

There are a hundred problems you could solve for your sales team, but some are certainly more pressing than others. The last thing you want is to spend a pile of cash on technology nobody uses. To ensure you create an app your sales reps actually use, you need to figure out what problems they’re having in the field, how they’re solving them today, and which problems are the highest priority.

Don’t use surveys (quantitative research) yet!! You’ll want to do some qualititative research (one-on-one conversations) before you jump in and start getting all quantitative.

What types of questions might you ask?