Monday, 02 June 2014 21:58

Is Sales the Profession for Me? Finding Your Passion

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 Sales Enablement on LinkedInCraig Nelson

LinkedIn Editor’s Note: In the month of May, sales experts will share what they wish they’d known when they were just starting out in the working world. We’ll share with you everything from what works to what doesn’t, as well as advice for you and your sales team to become more effective sales professionals. Craig Nelson, pioneer in the discipline of sales enablement shares his story on what I wish I knew if I again were 22…

Friday, 17 May 2013 18:10

The Next Generation of Sales Professional

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Ever wonder why, unlike Marketing, HR or other disciplines, schools typically don’t offer graduate or undergrad programs that focus on sales? Certainly there is a need for highly trained sales professionals and based on recent research by SiriusDecisions, sales professionals believe that the #1 challenge that sales reps face today is their ability to communicate value.  Another factor contributing to the need for better educated sellers is simply that buyers are better educated on the available solutions which requires the seller to have the expertise required to convey value and differentiate their offering.