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4 Ways for Sales Staff to Stay Relevant with the 2015 Buyer Featured

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4 Ways to stay relevant webinarModerator: Craig Nelson; Panelists: Michael Cannon, Jim Burns

Is your sales organization prepared to sell to the 2015 empowered buyer? To grow revenue you must go beyond the re-org of sales staff and territories. As we come into the new year it's imperative that you put in place a holistic system to enable success or risk the chance of your sales staff becoming irrelevant to your buyer.

This session is a round table discussion following topics related to the 4 elements of sales enablement:

• People: sales skills needed to sell to smarter buyers
• Process: defining and aligning sales methodologies to the buyers journey 
• Content: messaging and assets needed to advance the buyer through their journey 
• Technology: automation to educate as sellers sell and buyers self educate

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Craig Nelson

Craig specializes in enabling companies to more effectively market and sell. His experience is based on a variety of leadership roles including the growth of several start-ups that became successful public software companies. In 1998, Nelson's passion for enabling marketing and sales led him to register and subsequently co-found iCentera in 2003. Today, the iCentera sales enablement platform service is delivered over the internet to over 350,000 subscribers and in 2011, iCentera became part of CallidusCloud.