Sales Enablement Society Global All Hands - Changing Corporate Mindset

 Craig Nelson – VP Global Sales Enablement, SAP


Sales Enablement Society Global All Hands - Changing Corporate Mindset

Having problems articulating what sales enablement can do for your organization or how it complements other initiatives such as CRM? Create a visual blueprint of your organizations selling system (aka “selling machine”) to enable your company to replicate success, reduce wasted effort and focus on what matters to sales and your buyers.

The Global All Hands Call is brought to you by the Sales Enablement Society, the world’s largest non-profit professional organization dedicated to the profession of Sales Enablement, with more than 7,300 members across 55 chapters in 21countries.

On March 4, SES provided updates from the Executive Board along with guest interviews from the SES community. Walter Pollard, CEO of Brand Fuzion, and Tamara Schenk, Industry Research Leader & SES Board Advisor discuss the Top 5 Sales Enablement Trends for 2020.

Craig Nelson provided his insight on 'Changing the Corporate Mindset - An Inside Look at Enterprise Sales Enablement.

Lastly, Juliana Stancampiano, President of SES and CEO of Oxygen along with Ceil Tilney, Senior Director, GTM Enablement of Grand Rounds present Role Based Success Stories and Tips from SES Practitioner Members.


Craig Nelson
Good Selling


Craig specializes in enabling companies to more effectively market and sell. His experience is based on a variety of leadership roles including the growth of several start-ups that became successful public software companies. In 1998, Nelson's passion for enabling marketing and sales led him to register and subsequently co-found iCentera in 2003. Today, the iCentera sales enablement platform service is delivered over the internet to over 350,000 subscribers and in 2011, iCentera became part of CallidusCloud.